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Cooking School


TOMATO SOUP, SIENA STYLE. You still need stale homemade bread, cut or chopped, which is to be put on the flame in a clay pan with oil, 2 cloves of garlic, some basil leaves, fresh peeled tomatoes without seeds, salt, pepper, and 2 glassfull of water. Leave to cook until the bred is well blended with all the ingredients, add some more extra vergin olive oil and serve.

CHESTNUT CAKE. Sieve 1/2 kilo of chestnut flour into a soup tureen, little by lyttle add to it 3/4 of cold water, a couple of tablespoon of olive oil and a pinch of salt. Mix well until you get a batter. Then grease a baking-pan with oil and pour chestnut batter into, sprinkling it over with pine-seeds, raisins and some chopped walnut kernels. Bake in a hot oven until it gets a nice brown crust craked as the ground after a hot dry period of time.


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CHICKEN LIVERS ON TOAST. Cook the chicken livers in some butter,where you had fried a quarter of a white onion fine chopped, and remove them before they are completely cooked.Chop them then transfer them again to the pan.Add some butter,salt,pepper and broth and leave them to flavour until the liquid is well thickened.Leave to cool,then spread over toasts of stale bread.

VEAL STEWER. Flatten some veal slices with a meat pounder, butter them and place a slice of ham, a sprig of sage and a sprinkling of pepper on eac slice;then roll up and tie them, finally dip them into beaten egg and breadcrumbs. Skewer the rolls, alternating them with squares of stale soft-bread greased with oil, and cook them on a high flame, brushing them over with oil from time to time.

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Our guests say
"We want to thank all of you for making our vacation so special. We were with you from June 22-26th. It was a vacation of a lifetime and you certainly made it more special.
From you, Silvia at the front desk to Daniele, Philipo and Rosa in the kitchen and Eugenia greeting us everytime we came back from our adventures, you are all wonderful!!!
Eugenia, we were so sorry we didn't see you when we left, you were so kind to us. And Silvia, I miss my morning cappucino every day. We also can't say enough about our lessons in the kitchen, Daniele, we've already made your sauce a few time, Yum...
I just bought a pasta maker, so I plan on trying that next. Your food, restaurant and staff were all great. If we ever are lucky enough to come back to Italy, we will definately plan on staying at your villa again. If you can part with them, we'd love Daniele's pasta recipe and Philipo's veal croquette recipe as well.
Thank you again for a great vacation!"

hotel siena
hotel siena
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